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Virchow Logo.png

The Virchow Logo (and the name) has been inspired from the work of Dr. Rudolf Virchow, the father of modern pathology.

Dr. Virchow dedicated his life to discredit humourism, and bring more science to medicine. He is most famously known for his Cell Theory, “Omnis cellula e cellula” (All cells arise from pre-existing cells).
This theory propelled medical science by leaps and bounds, and eventually got embedded into the minds of our promoters.

We at Virchow share the same passion as the venerable Dr. Virchow, which is why we decided to call ourselves Virchow.

The Virchow Logo has been designed to reflect this very philosophy.


The bold font used for the typeface symbolizes a strong dedication to our goals. The dark blue colour represents trust, precision, integrity, confidence, expertise, and stability.

3 cells.png

The 3 overlapping circles denote the protective circle we wish to draw around our patients as well as being a symbol for multiplying cells, reminiscent of Dr. Virchow’s work.
​The green colour represent healing, growth, endurance, and hope.​

Inspiring every cell.png

​‘Inspiring every cell’ is our motto; since we have taken our stimulus from cells, we wish to give back, and that is why we have also taken steps in being experts in biologicals.

Virchows logo.png
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