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  • The Virchow Group is comprised of 6 API and drug intermediate manufacturing units, 2 biotech units and dedicated international marketing cell. The annual turnover of the group is more than $1 billion employing over 5,000 employees.

  • The group comprises of the following organizations:

  • Virchow Healthcare:

    •  International marketing organization for formulations in the Virchow Group. Predominantly deal in semi-regulated markets.

  • Virchow Labs

    • Produces critical high purity APIs and intermediates; World’s largest producer of Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim. Also comprises of domestic Wound Care and Orthopedic marketing divisions.

  • Virchow Biotech

    • Developer and manufacturer of Fermentation and Recombinant Biotech products along with other finished formulations.

  • Emmennar Pharma:

    • India's largest producer of Tramadol and manufacturer of other APIs.

  • Virchow Drugs

    • Manufacturer of Sulfa Drugs.

  • Saraca Labs:

    • One of the world’s largest manufacturer of Ranitidine API.

  • Covalent Labs

    • Manufacturer of Sterile and Oral Cephalosporin APIs.

  • Virchow Chemicals and Petrochemicals

    • Manufacturer of intermediates.

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