• rh-Platelet Derived Growth Factor-BB Gel 0.01% (becaplermin)

  • Bio-generic of the only US FDA approved growth factor in the world for the treatment and management of Diabetic Neuropathic Foot Ulcers

  • Available in 15g tubes

Healace sizing.png
  • Papain-Urea Enzymatic Debriding Ointment

  • Painless, non-invasive, and bloodless therapy for debridement of slough and necrotic tissue in chronic ulcers

  • Available in 15g tubes

Debridace sizing.png
  • Small Intestine Submucosa (SIS) Bioscaffold Sheet (bovine)

  • Natural, structurally intact 3D extracellular matrix material that restores native tissue architecture in non-healing and hard-to-heal wounds

  • Available as 5x5cm and 10x10cm sheets; box of 5 sheets each

Dermasis Nu sizing.png
  • Hydrated Collagen Sheet from SIS (bovine)

  • Acts as a biological barrier and temporary skin cover while treating 2nd and 3rd degree burns as well as open fracture cases for providing ideal healing conditions

  • Available as 10x10cm and 15x30cm sheets; box of 5 sheets each

Dermasis W sizing.png
  • Silver Wound Dressing

  • Antimicrobial primary wound dressing for chronic wounds with the unique action of both being able to absorb exudate or donate moisture to maintain ideal moist wound environment

  • Available as 4x4cm and 10x10cm sheets; box of 5 sheets each

Donasorb sizing.png
  • Ionic Silver Nitrate Gel 0.2%

  • Sustained release ionic silver to provide long term and broad spectrum antimicrobial action in burns and infected wounds

  • Available in 15g tubes

Ionsil sizing.png
  • Sterile Collagen Particles (bovine)

  • Reconstituted collagen particles which can be easily sprinkled in deep and wide chronic wounds to counteract action of MMPs in wound area

  • Available in 2.5mL, 5mL, 10mL, and 15mL vials

  • Human Placenta Extract Gel 0.25%

  • Extract of human placenta used in healing of chronic wounds

  • Available in 20g tubes